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Why Employee Engagement and Company Culture is Vital to the Success of Your Business

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Why Employee Engagement and Company Culture is Vital to the Success of Your Business

According to a Gartner Survey, the next competitive frontier for businesses is The Employee Experience, and the signs indicate very strongly that The Employee Experience will become the next priority for organizations and is being called, “2018 The Year of The Employee Experience”.

In order to obtain and retain top talent, The Employee Experience must be present throughout the employee’s entire employment so that there is a connection to the organization. It needs to be present with every employee interaction, from their first contact as a potential employee to their last interaction after the end of their employment.

What is important for a company to realize, is that Employee Engagement and Company Culture are NOT about New and Improved HR or Perks & Parties; it’s about an employee’s commitment to their company and to their job. Too many companies only pay attention to the results from annual employee engagement surveys or incentive program feedback however, they don’t proactively design and manage The Employee Experience to produce better engagement within their business.

Offering a superior Employee Experience can give employers a competitive advantage in attracting top talent and then engaging them in ways that encourage employees to stay with their organization.

By focusing on the Employee Experience to increase not only employee satisfaction, productivity, and retention, but also brand equity, competitive advantage, and sustainable growth.

The TTT Program (Transformational Team Training) is built to bring awareness to these foundational principles. We facilitate a creative and interactive environment for a company to learn the concepts needed to create a strong, cohesive Company Culture that ensures a successful Employee Experience. We help company leaders and their employees become reinvigorated in the Company Vision, Values & Mission.

Let’s take a look at some of the ways in which this happens…

Overcoming Employee Resistance to Change

The President of an organization had a vision; it was a great and powerful new direction that would bring about a big change in the company’s way of doing business. It would change their customers and the products and services they created for the market. The outcome would require changes in how employees interacted with each other. Unfortunately, employees did not readily accept the President’s new vision for the organization.

We assist helping businesses and managers overcome employee resistance and identify what actions are necessary to increase employee support. We work with management and employees together, to explore ideas for how all levels can be engaged in creating a future vision for the organization. By taking employee recommendations into consideration, a new plan can be delivered, one where employees can feel motivated and engaged in the execution knowing they will be able to see how their contribution impacts the plan.

Overcoming Leadership Challenges

A company is experiencing a multitude of people problems that seemed to be affecting their ability to grow their business. Project teams had insufficient resources for critical initiatives, work teams were continually in “reaction mode”, line managers were stretched too thin and there was limited cross training due to workloads.

We utilize a Situation Analysis with the management teams to explore the current state of the company’s executive processes and determine the core issues. Through this, we are able to identify the levels of leadership efficacy within the organization.

Handling Company Cultural Issues

Two large chains that operated in direct competition of each other merge and result in a huge upheaval for employees.

When dealing with the different cultures of merging companies, we work with the management of both organizations to create a strategic change plan for the new company.

There are opportunities to hold mixed group sessions with employees from both organizations to listen to their needs and suggestions. From this, we are able to identify any concerns with the merger, as well as strategize what they can do to help create a future for the company that supports all needs and desired outcomes.


No matter what industry you are in, or how big or small your business, the success of your organization depends on the performance and cohesiveness of its employees.

Teamwork is a basic concept most of us learn early in life, yet in business, this idea becomes much more nuanced than the simple practice of cooperation. Engaging employees and creating a great Employee Experience is an art form that tope companies are now working delicately to perfect it at every level.

Transformational Team Training is a collaborative program between Trasformativa Travel and The Innate Coach. For more information on the Transformational Team Training Program please email us at Alison@Trasformativa.com or traci@theinnatecoach.com, or you can visit our website at https://trasformativa.com/transformative-team-trainings/



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