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The Benefits Of Going On Vacation With Your Girlfriends

So…. What are The Benefits Of Going On Vacation With Your Girlfriends??

We recently just returned from our TrasformaDiva Girls Getaway 2019 at the beautiful Hyatt Zilara Rose Hall in Montego Bay Jamaica, and did we have a BLAST.  We were a groups of friends, acquaintances and strangers; however, when we left Jamaica, we were a family, and ready to do it again in 2020.

The TrasformaDiva Girls Getaway is an annual girl’s getaway sponsored by our company; we invite those women who deserve a break. Grab your mother, sister,daughter or friends and travel with us to fabulous destinations. This is the break every woman needs!! Our TrasformaDiva participants are of all ages, so everyone is welcome; however, over 18 is required. We are a diverse group of ladies that love the sun, shop, swim, surf, serenity or simply some well-needed rest. Once you attend, you will put it on your calendar every year.

The tricky part about a trip with the girls is working around everyone’s schedules. When you’ve successfully planned it all out, it’ll feel like a dream come true.  We announce our upcoming trip 9-12 months out so that our ladies can plan ahead, so they can be sure to attend.

Whether you’re camping in the mountains, taking a road trip, or splurging on a luxury tropical vacation, being with your best friends makes any experience even more special.  I was lucky enough this year to have my two lifelong best friends join me on this years trip and we hope to do it every year going forward.

Even though private romantic getaways with our significant others are just as heavenly as they sound, it’s seriously hard to beat a trip with your girl squad.

Here are just a couple of reasons why trips with your girl squad will always be more fun than a getaway with your significant other.

You’ll Make Inside Jokes Galore

One of the perks of traveling with your close friends is that you’ve already got a stash of inside jokes ready to reference when the time is right. It’s a sure fire way to lighten the mood and send everyone into fits of laughter, and boy DID WE LAUGH!! By the end of your trip, you’ll have even more inside jokes to laugh about with your besties.

You’re With A Solid Team Of Photographers

You can’t beat the photos you get from your girl squad as they help you take the perfect photo for Facebook or Instagram.  Check out our TrasformaDiva 2019 photo album.

You’ll Have Prime Girl Talk Time

As much as you love the men in your life, nothing beats the kind of bond you get from girl talk. There’s something so comforting about commiserating over your man problems or any other drama you’re experiencing; your girl squad is always there to listen and offer advice.

It’s More Affordable

The larger the group, the less cash each individual has to dish out. You can squeeze most, if not all, of your squad into a hotel room.  We didn’t squeeze this year, though, we upgraded to a one bedroom ocean front suite and it was FABULOUS!! The universe wants you to travel with your friends.  Sharing is caring, after all.

The Buddy System Keeps You Safe

The unfortunate truth is that the world isn’t nearly as safe for women as it is for men. Luckily, being in groups can eliminate a lot of the risk that comes with traveling. Even if your group decides to split up, no one will be alone. You can all work to keep each other safe so you can have the best trip possible. We always make sure that we use our trusted in-country guides when we are traveling to an unfamiliar city or country, just to ensure our safety. Our guide Kevin from Island Dream Tour took us on a great tour through Montego Bay where we got to learn about and see first hand what it is like to live in Montego Bay.  We also got to have some yummy treats along the way to include a Jamaican Chicken Patty from Juicie Patty and some authentic Jerk Chicken at the famous Scotchies.

A girl’s getaway is a bond forming experience where we girls form another dimension to our friendships and use this experience to create unforgettable memories; I know we did on this trip, we nurtured old friendships and formed some new, and look forward to the next time we are together.

Do you need a Getaway With The Girls???  Well, we have the answer for you!!  Join us on our annual TrasformaDiva Girls Getaway.  We’ll be announcing dates and destination for our 2020 trip next week.




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