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While the term “luxury travel” means different things to different people, at Trasformativa, luxury travel is not defined by thread count or the star rating of a resort, but is measured by access to the people, places and experiences that represent all that is authentic about a destination. Comfort factors and high standards of your accommodations and dining experiences still apply, we strive to provide our clients with a greater depth of understanding and immersion into the local culture. We don’t just want to send you to a destination, but rather, we want you to become immersed, participate and become a part of that culture.

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Attention to Detail

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Knowledge of Destinations

Travel in any form, whether you’re relaxing on a beach in Jamaica, backpacking solo through Central America, or taking a business trip to Boston has the ability to TRANSFORM you. When we explore new places and cultures, participate in new activities, interact with different people, or make the effort to learn about the native flora and fauna of the destination we’re visiting, the experience can be truly TRANSFORMATIONAL!!

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