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JAMAICA – Once You Go – You Know

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I Left My Heart In Jamaica!!

So…. On my recent return trip to Jamaica, as we were in the process of landing in Montego Bay, I was soooo excited to be back; but it wasn’t the same excitement that I always feel when I return to Jamaica. It was a feeling like I was returning home. Jamaica has definitely become my second home, and I love traveling there several times a year. According to the locals and my friends in Jamaica, I am now considered Jamerican.

I first traveled to Jamaica back in 1989 for my honeymoon, and returned again the following year for my anniversary and loved it. Since then, I have been traveling there multiple times every year and it never gets old. If I can somehow figure out how to live there, I’d die a happy woman.

So what makes Jamaica so special? It’s not just one thing, but the entire Jamaican Culture. The mixture of beautiful beaches, and vibrant Jamaican culture makes it my number one destination to travel to and send my clients. Anyone who knows me, knows that if you ask me about Jamaica, it’s like asking me about my grandchildren; you just can’t shut me up once I get started.  What are the Top Ten Reasons to Visit Jamaica??

Everyone should visit Jamaica because the beaches alone will take your breath away. When my husband and I traveled to Jamaica for our annual anniversary trip last February, (his first visit there) we stayed in Montego Bay and he loved it. However, we took a day trip to Negril (known for it’s beautiful Seven Mile Beach of amazing blue water and white sand). He was hooked and announced “we are coming back here next year!!”. No argument from me.

Jamaica is know as the island of All Right, everyone should take a trip here at least once in their life because there’s something for everyone in the beautiful tropical climate. Each region is different, from Montego Bay to Ochos Rios to Negril. There are water sports and hiking for the fitness enthusiast, and there are beaches and charming places to stroll and shop for the more relaxed. There’s unique music, food, and dance. You can easily have a romantic getaway, or a sporting adventure, a family holiday or even a corporate event.

No matter how many times I travel to Jamaica, I find something new to love about this amazing destination, and always look forward to my return.

Would you like to hear more about Jamaica and why it is the most amazing vacation destination? Give me a call, shoot me an email, I’ll tell you everything you want to know. Likely, you’ll want to book your next vacation to Jamaica.

Jamaica…… Once You Go, You Know!!



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