Five Reasons to Spend Your Tax Refund on Travel

tax deductions for travel expenses

Five Reasons to Spend Your Tax Refund on Travel

It’s that time of year again & I say it’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year because you now have that tax return in hand and can now take that AMAZING trip you’ve been dreaming about all year!!

Yeah! Your taxes are done! (Or in my case, they’re almost done!) According to the IRS, the average taxpayer receives a tax refund of $3,000, which is just the right amount of money for an awesome overseas trip, flights included!

You’ve worked hard all year, and probably haven’t used much of your work leave (approximately 41% of American workers do not take planned time off from work), and you’ve got a sweet tax refund coming. Here are 5 reasons why you should spend your tax refund on travel:

You Can Afford It: There are many all-inclusive itineraries (includes airfare, airport/hotel transfers and an all-inclusive resort stay) that you can choose from for as little as $3,000! Thanks to your refund,  you can afford that vacation you have been dreaming about.

More Bang For Your Buck: Flights to Europe from major U.S. cities are WAY down.  This is due to the introduction of several transatlantic low cost carriers reintroducing actual competition into the market. As for many destinations, the U.S. dollar goes a long way. The U.S. dollar is also running strong against the Euro, so it’s a great time to visit Europe.

Experiences, like travel, make you happier than just “stuff.”:  Experiences make you happier than stuff: Studies have shown that the happiness that comes from purchasing stuff like clothes or TVs fades pretty quickly, but travel creates special experience that provides you with lifelong lasting memories. So, take that tax refund and go experience a new destination that you have been dying to explore! Just remember to actually experience the destination directly and immerse yourself in the culture.

Save for that BIG trip: You’ve been fantasizing about going to Australia or Asia, but you really need at least 2 weeks to really enjoy it and experience it the way it is meant to be experienced.  There’s no way you’re sitting in coach, and $3,000 just isn’t going to cut it for that BIG trip. So….Who says you have to spend your tax refund right away?  Why not create a travel savings account and start saving! You can even book your trip now with a small deposit and utilize a payment plan system.

You have a travel agent to help you: If you have no idea where to start in planning your tax refund-fueled escape, or you are overwhelmed by all the options you see on line, no need to worry, Trasformativa Travel is here to help you plan and book your Dream Travel Experience!!  We do all the research, planning and booking and we find you the best value for your budget. Send us a request for a complimentary planning session and we’ll get started right away.

Here’s hoping you get a great big tax refund this year!

Happy traveling!!



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