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Why Travel Should Be A Part Of Your Self Care Regimen

Why Travel Should Be a Part Of Your Self Care Regimen

In Japan, there was a young journalist, who in one month worked 159 hours and then died!  In Japan, they have a term for this — it’s called “karoshi,” or death from overwork.

Last month, I wrote and article for my LinkedIn Profile called OVERWHELMED AMERICA: WHY DON’T WE USE OUR PAID TIME OFF? which talked about how many employees don’t take their earned time off and this is leading to overwhelming stress and burnout.

Studies show that young women are the most unlikely to use their vacation days. The women of our generation are burning out, faster than ever.

The main problem is that we become the victim of social expectations. We’re not taking time off because we’re afraid of being laid off by our bosses, judged by our co-workers, or don’t see how we can manage stepping away from our role without everything falling apart while we are gone. We’re glued to our jobs and not giving ourselves the opportunity to become un-glued and take some “ME Time”.  As a result, we are working more and more overtime, and no time for our body recuperate and reset, and then come back to center.

The Science Behind Stress

On a biochemical level, burnout and overdrive sends our bodies spiraling into a stress response, which releases cortisol into our bloodstream. Our body produces cortisol to help us respond when we’re in danger — like in a fight-or-flight situation, and that’s no state to live in. Yet, we are. And young women are the biggest victims living like this without a reprieve.

Stress is the leading cause for every major health condition we face in Western society, and it’s killing us, yet it is socially accepted, even praised.  People would rather be seen as a hard worker, instead of someone who takes time off to  make themselves a priority for their mental and physical well-being.

We can do all the meditating and working out we want, and drink all the green juices; however, we need something bigger!!   Sometimes we need to physically uproot ourselves, in order to allow our body a chance to reset.

This is where travel comes in

Traveling is a self-correcting mechanism for change.  When we embrace this and allow ourselves a long period of time to live in this realm, our body has its  own way of re-balancing our mind, body and soul.  It is Transfromative!!  This is why it is imperative that travel be a part of our self care regimen.

When we get rid of the stress and anxiety, take off the weight, go without medication, we create space for harmony in our lives.

Our body then start to create new neurological pathways, and serotonin starts to reproduce naturally. We feel better because we’re having new life experiences, laughing more, having long hugs and even longer conversations. We’re finding real connection, and doing things that bring us natural joy, and our emotions change, so we change.

It’s the norm to go to the doctor who just wants to prescribe medication to make you feel good; when in reality, all he really needs to prescribe is a VACATION!!  No laptop or cell phone, just totally disconnected.  Traveling to a faraway country with a different culture, begins the Transformation from within where your experiences can be defined as the consumption of leisure experiences through which we gain meaningful and lasting memories, knowledge, spiritual enrichment and skills to create lasting memories and a life changing experience.

Viewing travel as a part of our self-care routine, where it’s a slow and steady experience of coming back to center is what we need.  Making “ME” a “PRIORITY”.

It goes against our no-pain-no-gain society. But when we choose ourselves and prioritize our health, we realize feeling good has a ripple effect. When we feel good, we help everyone around us feel good too.

So…  Take The Trip And Spread The Good Vibes.



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