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Are You Planning A Summer Vacation? The Time To Start Planning Is NOW!!

Summer Travel

Are You Planning A Summer Vacation? The Time To Start Planning Is NOW!!

Are You Planning A Summer Vacation??  The Time To Start Planning Is NOW!!

You might think it’s too early to start thinking about summer travel, but this isn’t the year to wait if you want to save. Americans are beginning to plan their summer travels now, and travel, they will. BUT…. it will also be an expensive one. Thankfully, prices aren’t as high as last year since airlines have built back capacity, but prices will remain above pre-pandemic levels because of high demand and inflation continuing to drive pricing up.

3 in 4 Americans are planning a trip this summer, according to travel experts. Inflation, higher prices, and whatever obstacles can be thrown in the way of avid travelers have not stopped them from prioritizing travel, and in some cases spending more than what they’ve previously spent.

Should You Book Summer Travel Now?

It depends. we generally recommend that people start planning international travel at least 6-9 months ahead of time (especially for travel during peak season April-August) so that you have a variety of flights and accommodation options available to you instead of dealing with limited hotel availability and flight options.

But if you are planning to travel this summer, it is best to start planning NOW. Figure out potential travel dates and destinations and use a price-tracking tool, like AirFareWatchdog that alerts you when flights are lowest.

For international trips, it’s time to get ready to book. Three to four months in advance is when there are the best prices for international flights; however, you’ll also be dealing with limited availability. Caribbean and European destinations are HOT HOT travel choices this year, and we recommend planning 6, 9 even 12 months out to have the best choices available.

Prices skyrocket as you get closer to June, when prices are up 29% for popular European destinations, like London, Paris and Italy, during the peak season of June, July and August.

When Is The Best Time To Travel During Summer?

The highest costs will be for trips during peak season; so consider traveling during Shoulder Season (the period between peak- and off-season), you could save up to 24% if they book a flight to the Caribbean and 27% to Europe. 

On the other hand, booking your European getaway for September and October is highly recommended. The end of summer is hands down THE BEST time to go to Europe. Prices drop in early June until they bottom out in September and October. However, avoid August for European Travel, as Europeans tend to take their own vacations during that month, so lots of shops and restaurants will be closed.

Here are the shoulder seasons for international destinations, when you could score lower prices.   

Caribbean:  September, October, November

Asia: Before the end of April and October.
Central America: May.
South Pacific: April to May.
North America: September to October.
Africa: September to November.
Middle East: August to September.
Northern South America: Before the end of April and September.
Southern South America: April to May and September to October.

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