ALL All-Inclusive Resorts Are Not Created Equal

The Transformation Of The All-Inclusive Resort


Over the past several decades the all-inclusive resort market has undergone an evolution that has been nothing short of transformative.  With new and innovative amenities and experiences designed to satisfy the vacation expectations of a wide variety of clients.  In this blog, I’m going to tell you why ALL All Inclusive Resorts ARE NOT Created Equal!!

It is truly amazing how the all-inclusive market has grown and changed in the last 30 years, since my first stay at an all-inclusive resort in Jamaica. Today, the options are endless, which helps travelers see the value of  working with a travel professional who can differentiate between the different resort/hotel brands, destinations, room categories, etc.; as this makes the decision harder when you have so many options.  It’s like me sending my granddaughter into Toys R Us and telling her to pick out anything she wants.  With so many choices, the decision making process can be overwhelming.  BUT… I believe that makes a travel advisor’s job easier because we are experts in our field where we can give our clients options and explain the differences  based on their travel wants and needs.

Today, the growing number of resort/hotel options and experiences are introducing all-inclusive resorts to an expanded audience. With more upscale brands entering the all-inclusive market, it’s giving us a lot more to choose from. Resorts and Hotels have gone from three buffets a day to a lot of really good specialty dining choices where you get a lot of variety.  The All-Inclusive Resorts have evolved to meet the tastes of the most discerning travelers.  All-inclusive now means multiple a la carte dining options, room service experiences that exceeds expectations and custom private dining experiences.  Foodwise, even long-existing resort brands are updating their ideas of all-inclusive experience with updated menus and a variety of cuisines.  As more people learn about their own tastes and tolerances, it is important for all-inclusive chefs to develop expanded menus for vegan, gluten, and other diets.

The biggest change we are seeing in the travel industry is that all-inclusive resorts seem to be making the guests experience more experiential. whether that is offering more unique experiences on property or nearby specialty eco-parks, these resorts are modernizing the all-inclusive concept.  Some clear examples of this concept include Hotel Xcaret and Unico 20°87°, both of which are in the Riviera Maya region of Mexico. Both models are a little bit different, as Hotel Xcaret combines the all-inclusive amenities with off-property included fun at their eco-park, and Unico 20°87° which has specialty tours and excursions that aren’t easily replicated, or mass produce.  Newer all-inclusive resorts are also incorporating these aesthetic in a more natural and region-specific way, like Hotel Xcaret, whose landscape is designed with rivers winding through the property, caverns to explore and beautiful rockwork. 

In the end, the growth of the all-inclusive market is a win-win for travel advisors and their clients. When a destination like Cancun/Riviera Maya has hundreds of all-inclusive resorts to choose from, I feel like a kid in a candy store and I get soooo excited to share these with my clients. This is the number one reason why Mexico is so affordable compared to places like Aruba or The Bahamas. When all-inclusive resorts continue to try and outdo each other, it’s the guest who always wins, and your travel advisor wins because we’ve helped you plan and book an incredible all-inclusive travel adventure.

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