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Why Do Travelers Need to Think About Summer 2023 Flights NOW!!

Why Do Travelers Need To Think About Summer 2023 Flights NOW!!


Why Do Travelers Need To Think About Summer 2023 Flights NOW!! Some people have this down to a science, they know exactly the right day and the exact time when to purchase a flight in advance, especially for the holidays.

They call it the ‘Goldilocks Window’ – like the fictional storybook character, you want to book when it’s just the right time. For you.

Normally, it’s more of a time frame rather than a specific time. For domestic flights, the time when cheap flights are most likely to pop up is about 1-3 months before a trip. For international flights, it’s 2-8 months out. That might sound like a considerable time frame, but in reality, it isn’t, especially for an international trip.

But summer is different. For peak times, including summer, we recommend you start keeping an eye on prices even earlier, around the 10-month mark. For peak times, we also see the Goldilocks Window end a bit further out from the trip. Deals start decreasing at about 4 months out and get a lot more rare as you get closer to the summer. These ranges don’t have sharp cliffs, but the odds trail off substantially outside those ranges.

Remember, too, that spring and summer of this year could be an indication of things to come. More demand from the flying public, but fewer planes and fewer pilots, all adding up to the chaotic situation that developed this year.

That means the Goldilocks Window for cheap international flights for July and August 2023 is just around the corner, and for May and June flights, it’s already begun. To track your flight routes and be alerted when they drop, sign up for AirFareWatchDog.

So Why Do Travelers Need To Think About Summer 2023 Flights NOW??  If you know you are going to travel this spring or summer, you may want to think about planning and booking, sooner than later. And for those of you already booked for vacations with us, we are watching airfare pricing for you.

Also of note, we are already seeing limited availability for hotel and resorts stays for this coming spring and summer, so again, planning sooner than later is highly recommended.

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