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Time To Prepare For Holiday Travel

Time To Prepare For Holiday Travel


So we’ve made it through the crazy summer travel season, and now it’s time to start seriously planning your end-of-year travels because this holiday season is expected to be both busy and expensive.

According to travel experts who just released their 2022 Holiday Travel Outlook report, which indicates that this year’s holiday airfare prices will be the steepest we’ve seen in five years. Nevertheless, more than half of Americans are planning to travel for one or both of the November or December holidays, most of whom are going to visit family and friends.

Factors influencing the cost of airfare this year include high fuel prices, fewer available flights and pent-up travel demand which was triggered by two years of potentially missed holidays due to not traveling. At least 30 percent of travelers are planning on flying this holiday season, however, about two-thirds of them point to pricing as a primary consideration as they plan their holiday trips.

To help you navigate your holiday travels, we’ve put together some tips on how to find the best deals on flights for the holidays this year:

Book by Mid-October – If you are planning to fly this holiday season, we are advising travelers to book both your Thanksgiving and Christmas flights no later than the week of October 10. If you see a good deal on flights, GRAB IT, because prices are expected to rise and the limited number of available flights may sell out quickly this year.

Start Planning NOW – It’s best to get a jump on things now and be sure to book no later than mid-October. Historically, travelers who get an early start on planning their holiday trips have saved as much as 18% off domestic flights and 15% off international airfare.

Use a Price-Tracking Tool – Prices, especially for travel during the Christmas period, are predicted to fluctuate somewhat unpredictably over the coming weeks. Good deals on fares may spring up and be gone just as quickly, so we recommend using a price-tracking tool such as AirfareWatchdog  which will notify you as soon as prices drop for your pre-chosen destinations.

Keep Your Dates Flexible – Travelers can save as much as $300 by flying at non-peak times (i.e., before or after the actual holiday week). For Thanksgiving travel, look to depart on the Monday of Thanksgiving week and return any weekday of week after the holiday to get the best airfare pricing.  As well as for the Christmas weekend, try to depart the Monday or Tuesday prior to the holiday and return on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday of the week after Christmas to find the best deals on flights.

If you take just one tip for booking holiday travel, it should be this: the earlier, the better. You’ll find cheaper rates and more availability. Plus, looser cancellation policies mean you can make adjustments later.

Happy Holiday Travels!!

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