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The Secret to Truly Authentic Travel

The Secret to Truly Authentic Travel

Born out of the knowledge that destinations can only truly be brought to life through authentic local connections, Trasformativa makes sure that you are not only getting an amazing vacation, but a life changing travel experience.

Put simply, nothing connects you to the soul of a destination like being invited into the home of a local. Whether it’s exploring a 1,000-year-old castle with an Italian aristocrat before enjoying some of his organic wine and a farm-to-table meal, or tasting balsamic vinegar with a local Parma family; connecting with locals is at the heart of real travel experiences.

We are always looking for new ways to foster real, powerful connections for clients that enable them to capture the true essence of their destination. Image traveling to Italy, one of our most popular destinations for our clients, and visiting a Sorrento lemon farm owned by the Esposito sisters.  Over a home-cooked meal and some limoncello, with the scent of lemons in the air, it will quickly become apparent that the sisters’ farm was just the kind of powerful, sensory travel experience you are after.

While visiting Italy we went to the Medici Vineyard to sample some of their delicious balsamic vinegar.  During that visit I struck up a conversation with the hostess of the vineyard and over some of their famous Lambrusco (it is to die for!!) we formed a friendship that has lasted over many years.  These are the experiences that you will remember for a lifetime.

Looking for a Caribbean Experience??

Jamaica is one of our favorite destinations, not only because of the beautiful beaches, but because of the beautiful people.  The Jamaican people are truly  welcoming people who want to share their country and culture with you.  Travelers who are curious to explore the culture of this vibrant Caribbean island, can be taken beyond the traditional resort and beach setting into the colourful realm of Jamaica’s lifestyle, tradition and customs.  With our many visits to Jamaica we have met many wonderful people who we are proud to call Our Friends.  When we send clients, friends or family to Jamaica, we put them in touch with one of our local connections, such as our friend, Neville, who will take you on a guided tour of Montego Bay where you will learn all about what it is like to be a local.  And don’t be surprised…. he might just take you by his mother’s home for a little something to eat.

By experiencing a destination with a local, you will find that it’s best not to stick to the road more often traveled.  Instead, hit the road and experience a unique adventure: the authenticity of your experience will be something that shapes who you are now and who you will be for the rest of your life.





Trasformativa is a US based travel company with offices located in Durham, NC and Clarksville, VA.  We are  focused exclusively on transformational travel. Our experienced and qualified travel agents offer many different types of transformational travel opportunities. We work with individuals and groups of many sizes to help them find a true difference. Most of the people who contact us are luxury travelers and leaders of groups who are traveling together. This includes, yoga or fitness instructors, health and wellness professionals, human resource directors, sales managers, CEO’s, church group leaders, corporate trainers, personal chefs, wedding planners, brides, corporate travel professionals, and also individuals looking to plan an exciting and out-of-the-way trip for a group of their friends.

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