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Transformation. Have you ever stopped to wonder what transformation is? We mean real, true, honest transformation. The type of transformation that doesn’t just happen on the outside, it happens on the inside as well, and the people around you can see your change.

At Trasformativa Travel, that’s the type of transformation we’re talking about. And that’s the type of travel we provide for people. We help you to plan trips that are transformational. We help you to create experiences that go beyond what you thought were possible. We help you and your group of 2 – 200 to transform.

Who Needs Transformational Travel?

So many people need transformation in their lives and they just don’t know it. But then again, many do. That’s why we offer so many different types of transformational travel opportunities. We work with individuals and groups of many sizes to help them find a true difference and authentic experience.

The Types Transformational Travel We Offer

Our transformational opportunities include

Who We Work With…

The majority of our clients are individuals and small groups looking for a Custom Designed Travel Experience.

As well, we work with  leaders of groups who are traveling together. This includes, yoga or fitness instructors, health and wellness professionals, human resource directors, sales managers, CEO’s, church group leaders, corporate trainers, business coaches, life coaches, wellness coaches, sales coaches, personal chefs, wedding planners, brides, corporate travel professionals.

Why Book Your Trip with Trasformativa Travel

We are experienced and experts in our field! Our team of professionals are here to work with you and provide you with the individualized service that you expect, and deserve. We will listen to what you need and offer the best opportunities and choices for you at the best value. At Trasformativa Travel, you come first.

Where You Can Travel To

Everyone’s transformation is unique and for that reason, we can help you to create the perfect trip. For some people, that’s in a sunny and relaxing location like the Caribbean, Mexico, or Belize. For some it means exploration to the major cities of Europe like Paris, London, Barcelona, Rome, Venice or Athens. For others it means adventure to places like Morocco, India, Nepal or Peru. We can help to plan your trip anywhere you’d like.

We were rejuvenated and transformed on our trip. You managed to give us the tools we needed and so much more. We look forward to our trip next year. Thanks Alison and team.


I was turning 50 and wanted a real way to celebrate. I was introduced to Trasformativa Travel and shared with them my vision. It was all I could have wanted, and more! I keep telling people that if they don’t book with Trasformativa, they’re STOOPID! Thanks again!

Brian S.

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